What a beautiful way to spend a day off

Today was an awesome day. When I was ready to take the bus and go to school, I got a message from one of my classmates; she told me we weren’t going to have any classes. I was so happy!! I was feeling tired so, I decided to spend my day doing what I love the most: Cooking

I had a wonderful Mediterranean meal, with falafel and lassie, even though I spent 5 hours in the kitchen I was incredible happy with the result. I have never cooked this type of food before since the ingredients are so hard to get where I live in Mexico. I don’t even know where the idea came from… so for me this new experience was a beautiful way to learn something new. A great way to spend the day.


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  1. Andrea,
    I happen to love Mediterranean food and felafel is one of my favorites! Next time, I have to ask, save some for me! Yummy!

    Cooking is a great release, isn’t it? Mothers who cook for their families all the time certainly don’t feel that way, unless the people who eat their food tell them how good it was. Just a thought….as a mom….

  2. I love spending hours in the kitchen. There is something so satisfying about making food you love and nourishing yourself at the end of the process.

    Yea for unexpected days off!

  3. Cooking is a great way to spend a day…especially cooking something new. I would have loved to try a bite! 🙂

  4. Julie Crocker

    YUUUUUMMMM. Glad you got this day to enjoy!

  5. You are creating new dishes of slices as well as food. How wonderful!

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