Ending my teacher training !!

¨It is important for teachers to consider themselves when thinking about goals. Improvement of self will lead to a healthier teacher, who is better equipped both emotionally and physically to handle the challenges that come up each day.¨ Jennifer Wagaman

This course has been incredible; it was really mind blowing for me because I had no idea about so many things. I learnt tons and tons of new stuff, phonology, strategies, learning styles, classroom management, the parts of speech, what lexis is, new resources and aids. Oh my gosh!! It worth every single penny!! I think I am more mature and ready for new challenges, I know I have to keep up, because knowledge is not static, but this was an awesome beginning.  

Thinking about the future can be scaring because one way or another this is training, but is not real life yet, we still need to learn from the experiences and that´s something maybe we are afraid of.

So, first of all I will take my TKT exam, that´s the next step; try to do our best in order to get a job so that we can apply all this new knowledge. I also would like to improve my English, so I am thinking about the CAE.

Throughout this course I´ve been changing my mind about the old fashion teaching ideas, and now I have new goals, I want to be a TECAHER, I want to be centered on the learning not on the teaching, I want to be able to transmit my knowledge, and of course to be patient, I guess that´s my biggest concern: D


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