Classroom Management

Hello world, today I’m presenting this reflection to you, it is about classroom management, first of all teachers are instructed that the mark of a good teacher is that the teacher is in control of the class, but, teachers are afraid of losing control if students have increased autonomy, they will not need the teacher .Teachers fear that students with more control will not want to learn what the teacher wants to teach, he is not respected or doesn’t have the same importance as it used to be. Control is an issue with which many people in management have had to struggle.

Control of students by teachers tends to be regarded as the goal of classroom discipline. This emphasis on control is so pervasive that control by teachers is often seen by educators as more important than the learning that goes on the classroom. This is pretty sad I think, but there some situations like back talking that drive teachers nuts.

Once upon a time a saw a situation about back talking, there were two girls they used to be so talkative, they were really annoyed. The teacher was so patient, but one day she just broke down. They did not shut up, and the teacher asks them 3 times to do it, they didn`t …so, she just left the classroom, leaving behind the lesson, the topic, everything. She told us, that if our classmates don’t shut up, she will see us in the final exam.

Everybody was so mad at them, as you imagine. We as a group make them to be quiet, it was incredible, and the next time they didn’t talk anymore in that way!!


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